The Court Process Reporting System (CPRS) is a secure, web based system that provides child-specific case plan information to juvenile court stakeholders. CPRS interfaces with SHINES, and downloads updated case plan data on a nightly basis. 

J4C continues to see increased usage and access to CPRS. CASA programs, currently CPRS’ largest user base, continue to be key partners for improving CPRS data quality. 

Beginning in 2014, J4C entered into an agreement with the Department of Juvenile Justice to download DJJ data. In 2015, J4C fully integrated this data for stakeholder access, and continued to download educational data pursuant to an agreement with the Department of Education.

J4C continues to partner with DFCS and the juvenile court clerks to electronically and automatically transmit court orders from CPRS to SHINES. Significantly, 2015 saw the expansion of a pilot program to allow uploading, e-signature, and e-filing of court orders.  Many juvenile court clerks are also manually uploading orders into CPRS, which automatically transfers them to SHINES, eliminating the need for DFCS staff to request paper copies or manually enter them in SHINES. 

J4C has provided assistance to courts needing help with uploading past orders, and has provided electronic equipment, computers, and training to courts and stakeholders.  We have also added enhancements for citizen panel use, and support for CHINS cases.

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