The Committee on Justice for Children began administering the Cold Case Project in 2009.  Currently, the project is administered in partnership with the Office of the Child Advocate under the leadership of the Executive Director, Rachel Davidson.  Attorneys who are titled “Cold Case Fellows” review cases of children who have been in foster care for an extended period of time, and who are predicted by a computer model to be most at risk for aging out of foster care without attaining permanency. The Project has been and continues to be conducted in full partnership and support with the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services.

The Fellows represent a mix of agency (Special Assistant Attorneys General), parent, and child attorneys, and Guardians ad Litem. There is wider network of experts available as volunteers or by contract to the Fellows.  Annual reports are published below.   The Cold Case Project was moved off of grant funds and institutionalized with state funds granted by the Georgia General Assembly in 2016. The goal remains to find a permanent home for each and every child in foster care.